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Miami Swim Week 2022

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Whether you are going to Miami for fun or for an event here was my experience and a couple of cool spots to check out.

This was my second year attending Miami Swim Week and it was an absolute blast. I attended five swim wear events including the top selling brand: Beach Bunny Runway show. This blog will go day by day of the seven days I spent in Miami for swim week. First tip! Get some braids. Miami heat and humidity is through the roof. It was very nice having my hair done everyday. Shout-out to @twistedbytee for the dope hairstyle whom is located in the bay area.

Day 1- Thursday

Nothing special, but I highly suggest taking a non-layover route. I flew from San Francisco on a six hour flight to Miami with American Airlines. I arrived that night in Downtown Brickell at Novotel Miami. The hotel was amazing with a roof top pool and bar. After I dropped my luggage off in my room I went to the lobby bar. I met two amazing people and we went out for a little bit that evening.


Day 2- Friday

During the day, I went to the first event. The event was held at a hotel in South Beach. The event was very small and only took about 15 minutes to walk around the room to see the bikinis and resort wear for sale. This event was open to the public and the swimwear was full price. However, some vendors did wholesale and would sell to a buyer. I met an aspiring fashion designer from New York and we talked over a cocktail and decided to go to The 1 to get some sushi at the rooftop bar. The views were gorgeous! However, you will need a wristband to go to the pool.

After I exchanged some great conversations, I decided to ask a stranger for a recommendation for a great place to