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Trade Shows and Generation Z!

It’s no doubt the world is constantly changing and technology is improving at a rapid rate. Have you ever considered how technology will change the way we shop? Of course you may say, “Well yeah.” We are consumers of one of the largest online companies in the world: Amazon. However, I am not talking about buying online products visually displayed through a picture. Engineers in the fashion industry are working on 3-D experiences to customize your garment with a visual model to represent how the garment will fit. Imagine walking into a store and instead of seeing the item in person, you see a visual 3-D model wearing the garment through a screen maneuvered by your fingertips. Now that is a different shopping experience to think about.

Click on the image to view air white sweater.

MAGIC is Magical!

In Vegas, twice a year, there is one of the biggest trade shows in America. This trade show is called MAGIC. MAGIC brings in about 80,000 buyers, distributors, manufacturers, and others. This four day event is aimed towards store buyers to purchase merchandise for the upcoming seasons. There is anywhere from contemporary luxury brands to fast fashion brands. Not only does the show stop there, but MAGIC brings in celebrity guest speakers, fashion shows, bands, and panels to talk about upcoming trends, styles, and technology. I had the pleasure to attend in August of 2019, and it was more than amazing.

As a millennial, I am fairly familiar with the way many millennials shop. We are interested in great deals, familiar and comfortable with online shopping and in store shopping, and did I mention we are driven by a good price vs. brand names. Millennials are more likely to shop with a coupon (guilty). Millennials have driven the industry of fast fashion, which is a whole other topic. However, what about Generation Z?

Generation Z is considered to be people born from 1994 to current birth. Generation Z is the upcoming and current consumers. Motivated by social media, they have a higher pressure to feel the need to always have a new outfit. This is fueling growth for companies in rental, resale, and thrift clothes. They are more likely to buy cheaper clothes, but will invest in high end items if they last longer; for example, an expensive hand bag like Channel. Unlike many other generations, they want to feel unique and different. This changes the idea of a “trend”. Trends come and go, bringing back styles from decades ago. However, trends may not be considered the “cool” thing anymore. Being different and unique, all while showing off their “personal style” is what seems to be the new “trend”. In addition, Generation Z individuals are more likely to buy a product if they feel like they are doing good. If your company or store gives back to the community, you may attract a Generation Z buyer. This is also why online thrifting companies have been so popular. Companies like Poshmark, thredUp, and The RealReal have been booming due to Generation Z buyers and sellers. The younger generations want to make a difference and feel good about recycling and buying thrifted clothes.

To conclude, I am excited to announce that for every item purchased at Kameakay, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Opportunity House here in Vacaville. Check out Kameakay on Instagram and Facebook to follow fashion tips and upcoming rel